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The Stages Of The Walk

The walk is broken into six stages

The Northumberland Coast Path is a walk totalling 60 miles or 100km and therefore is not a walk that most people would attempt in one day. As such, the route has been broken into six more easily managable stages ranging between 6 miles (10.3 km) and 13 miles (20.4 km). These can either be tackled as a stage per day or you could break them up even further and do it in smaller stages as you desire. The stages are listed below and you can read more about each stage on the appropriate page.

The Stages

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We recommend walking North because you won't be looking into the sun and the wind will be on your back but the route is waymarked and signed in both directions.

We recommend that you stay in Alnwick or if you want to be by the sea, in Alnmouth. These places have the best bus links to starting points both North and South.

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We're hosting six guided walks over the summer, each in the company of the path's originator, Iain Robson. We've been writing a diary of the walks, which are being published in the Northumberland Gazette. This is the sixth and final entry: Fenwick to Berwick upon Tweed...

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